The Empowerment Manual

Meet “THE EMPOWERMENT MANUAL” author CONNIE QUEEN as she joins other inspirational teachers from around the globe to share strategies of divine transformation to be practiced by individuals, workshop facilitators and professional presenters.Connie’s chapter, “How to Empower Your Holidaze with True Joy,” shows you how to sit back, relax and learn how to bring the cheer back into your life during the chaotic holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. If you are ready . . . really, really ready . . . to feel empowered, then order “THE EMPOWERMENT MANUAL” today. Without a doubt, your life will be catapulted to the next level toward your own Empowerment as you become divinely connected to the story that best resonates with your own.

Manifesting Modern Miracles

In ” MANIFESTING MODERN MIRACLES”, Connie Queen along with today’s most inspirational leaders shares her story of enlightenment and encouragement. The book is a valuable resource of real life stories authored by real people chronicling real miracles in everyday life. Connie’s chapter, “Journey of Love” is a simple and powerful reminder that dreams can and do come true when we become willing to truly let go.